Guilty Pleasures

Mar 9, 2017 | Tax Season

Guilty pleasures… We all have them. Mine come in various forms; from food to TV shows, and even to overall quirky sources of entertainment. During tax season I find myself indulging in these little pleasures on a much more frequent basis than I’d like to admit. Maybe its because I have more free time on my hands. Or it could be the fact that one of my main sources of entertainment isn’t around very much (i.e. my hilarious CPA husband). It’s also possible that this increase comes from the fact that these little oddities provide me with a sense of comfort, and I’m not going to deny being a creature of comfort.  Either way, they’ve become a source of enjoyment and hey, they might even help keep me a little more sane.

The thought of sharing my guilty pleasures with an audience greater than just my close family and friends both terrifies me and excites me. I have some pretty weird guilty pleasures, please don’t judge me… But maybe you do too, and therein lies the excitement!

So here you have it, my top 7 guilty pleasures in no particular order:

  1. The Bachelor/Bachelorette – I’d like to think this one is fairly understandable and relatable. Although I’m well aware that much of the show’s drama is producer-created and that these relationships are setup to fail, I still can’t help but love me a good villain. #makecorrinegreatagain
  2. Dr. Pimple Popper – If you are the least bit squeamish, please stop reading this paragraph and move along. Dr. Sandra Lee aka Dr. Pimple Popper is a dermatologist that has an amazing YouTube channel (with over 2 million subscribers!) where she shares her patient encounters while popping pimples, blackheads, and cysts. My husband finds this disgusting, I find it relaxing and intriguing. I have always loved popping pimples, and these videos allow me to enjoy the popping experience without tearing apart my own face. I also have to give a shout out to Dr. John Gilmore and Josefa M. Reina for their great YouTube channels, too. Call me crazy, but don’t knock it til ya try it.
  3. Bubble Tea – This has quickly become my go-to sweet treat. This frothy, smoothie-like drink is usually made with milk and added flavors and is served cold with little round tapioca pearls (that to me taste nothing like tapioca) that you consume with a large straw. My favorite flavor is cotton candy, and while I’m quite sure the sugar content will one day kill me, it’s become a once a week indulgence. These treats aren’t exactly cheap though, running around $6 each. I usually get my bubble tea, drink it on my way home, and toss the evidence before I get a half-joking, half-serious earful about wasteful spending. If you haven’t tried one of these creations, I highly recommend Googling “Bubble Tea” in your area. You can thank me later.
  4. Jigsaw Puzzles – A few months ago I downloaded the Jigsaw Puzzle app onto my iPhone. It’s super easy to use and I can put puzzles together right on my phone. You can even rotate the pieces! Mind. Blown. Anytime I’m watching a show that doesn’t have my full attention, I start a puzzle. It’s simple, it’s fun, and I get a sense of accomplishment when I complete a puzzle. It’s all about the feels.
  5. Naps – This is often a controversial topic. On one side you have the avid nappers and on the other you have those that hate napping, can’t nap, or wake up from a nap feeling like they’re possessed by satan. I have to admit, I’m an amazing napper. I can nap anywhere, anytime, and for any duration. Even a 10 minute shut eye in my car completely refreshes me. And there is just something about a nap during the cold, blustery tax season months that gives me the warm and fuzzies. I’ve been told more times than I can count that once I have kids, I can say goodbye to my naps. That may very well be the case, so for now bring on the naps.
  6. Grocery Store Sushi – Consuming raw fish from a grocery store may not sound like the most appealing idea, I completely understand. I even felt the same way until I finally tried grocery store sushi, and my life hasn’t been the same sense. Ok, a little over the top there, but in all seriousness I have nearly stopped going anywhere other than my local grocery store to get my sushi fix. I find it’s just as fresh as the specialty sushi restaurants and it’s conveniently located where I do all of my weekly shopping. Win, win for me. I’ve even made friends with my grocery store sushi chef, and he always customizes my order and sends me home with extra pickled ginger. It’s the little things, a big thank you to my sushi chef Chee!  
  7. Teen Mom – Along the same vein as The Bachelor, this reality TV is just too good to pass up. I was a big fan of MTV’s hit show 16 and Pregnant, and I was almost too excited to continue following these girls and their lives as they grew up on Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2. I have to say, it’s nice to watch a show that reminds me that I live a very normal, easy life.

There you have it, my guilty pleasures. Some of these are mainstream and some may seem a little whackadoodle, but we all have our quirks. What are some of your guilty pleasures? I can’t possibly be the only bubble tea loving popaholic (yes, it’s a thing) out there…

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