New Mom Tips for Surviving Busy Season

Mar 30, 2017 | Love & Marriage, Self Improvement, Tax Season

Hi everyone! I am Lauren and I blog over at The Gabbing Ginger. I am so excited to collaborate with The CPA’s Wife.  We have similar backgrounds in the fact that we are both married to CPA’s working in the Public Accounting field.  

A little bit about me:  I live in Fort Worth, Texas with my husband, our little boy and two furbabies! I work from home for my family’s company and we specializes in unique eats. I love to stay active, read, shop and travel.

When I was thinking about what to write about I wanted to touch on what to do when you have a spouse, significant other who works long hours/is deployed/or lives somewhere else or even if you are a single mom.  The adjustment to “busy season” has evolved for me over the past eight years!.  The first year I was in a new state with no friends, then a newly married couple, then pregnant and now a new mom.  Every season has been different but there is a lot a similar tips and tricks that I over time have found work!

Working from home can be a hard balance.  I get A LOT done during naps, in the evening and on weekends. I am lucky that Tripp goes to sleep at about 7pm.  That gives me a few hours to do household chores, watch a show, catch up on work and unwind.  Since, I am alone most evenings I see this as my “me” time and time to get the household things done so that when the husband isn’t working we can enjoy time as a family.  Also, on any week nights that he isn’t working we usually make food at home and try to eat once Tripp goes to sleep so we can get quality time together.  

On the weekends we go out with friends so there aren’t dishes and messes to clean. We are really good with meal planning and try to go to the grocery only once a week.  This helps with less stress during the week for me because I know what I am eating when.  Now onto the tips and tricks to survive busy season… remember these tips can be useful to all moms and even non-moms!

  1. Ask for help/get a sitter
  2. Join a mom group(s) (or an interest group)
  3. Make friends with other CPA moms (or moms in similar situations to you)
  4. Call on friends when you need to talk
  5. Exercise (join a gym with child watch) it gives you kid free time and is a great mood lifter
  6. Paper plates= less dishes [sorry environment]: We don’t do it all the time but I’ve heard for older kids this is a key tip!
  7. Activities: go to the zoo, park, museums, create pinterest projects, walk the mall, walk the craft store, walk target (but watch your $$$)
  8. Find a new show to binge on.  I find a new show every busy season to start watching in the evenings.  Some of my favorites are; Parenthood, Schitt’s Creek, Friday Nigh Lights, This is Us, and Silicon Valley.
  9. Indulge yourself every once in awhile… ice cream, cookies, whatever you desire
  10. And let us not forget COPIOUS amounts of wine!

If you have questions or ideas and want to chat, email me at [email protected].

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XOXO Gabbing Ginger


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