Saturday Morning Struggle

Feb 25, 2017 | Love & Marriage, Tax Season

All year round I’m used to waking up on Saturday mornings to an empty bed. You see, my husband is an early riser and our two dogs have adapted to his schedule. It’s our routine and it works well; he’s the early bird and I’m the night owl. But there’s just something different about waking up to an empty bed during tax season. About 30 seconds after my morning grogginess has somewhat subsided, I remember that he’s not there. He’s not downstairs watching TV, he’s not on his computer catching up on worldly things (aka Facebook), nor is he outside tinkering around doing whatever it is that guys do out there. He’s just not home. And for me it’s a big challenge, especially as the tax season weeks turn into months.

I’ve stated before that I’m incredibly independent, and I 100% stand by that fact. No matter how independent I am though, knowing that my favorite day of the week can’t be spent with my favorite person bums me out. Sure I have an amazing family, wonderful friends, a budding real estate career, and this new labor of love, all of which keep me busy.  But for some reason, tax season Saturdays are always a bit of a drag. I could have a day jam packed with fun plans that I look forward to all week or I could have a wide open day to get caught up on errands, laundry, and cleaning. Either way, it doesn’t feel right.

Maybe it doesn’t feel right because I know that my man is putting in yet another long day. By the time Saturday rolls around, I can see the wear and tear of the week taking its toll on him. He’s exhausted, both physically and mentally. But he gets up without complaint, goes to the office, and puts in his time. More time than he probably needs to, but hey that’s my overachiever husband. I’m so proud, and at times envious, of his work ethic.

After he’s out the door at the buttcrack of dawn, my Saturday morning struggle sets in. My motivation for the day is nonexistent and add to that tax season’s cold wintery weather, and I’m perfectly content to curl up in bed all day. I feel like there have to be other people out there who feel this way. People who don’t look forward to the day as much as they do outside of busy season. On the flip side, I’m sure there are some of you thinking “Umm crazy lady, just get on with your day”. To those who have the latter mindset, please share your wisdom and ways! Until then, how do I get going? I’m still working on that, but I have found that using my waking Saturday hours to the fullest is often the most rewarding and it really makes the day fly by. I try to save some errands that could easily be done during the week for Saturdays. I go to the gym. I clean up around the house. I make lunch plans with friends. I’ll cook a few meals and freeze them. I plan things that require me to leave the comfort of my home or at least my pajamas. I’m taking back my Saturdays and making the most of them, and I think my husband is noticing. He has clean clothes, food in the fridge, and comes home to a productive wife with a better attitude (and occasionally a new pair of shoes or two). I’d say it’s working alright for me, but there is always room for improvement.

I hope you don’t take this as a “pity party table of one” post, because that’s not my intention at all. My goal is to reach out to others who truly enjoy spending time with their spouse and who miss them when their career takes them away on those days that are traditionally spent together. To the people who end up going to birthday parties, baptisms, and any other event alone because their husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend is tied up at work; I get it. You’re not the only one in this situation, and my hope for you is that you conquer your Saturday morning struggle, too. And to anyone reading this whose spouse regularly works Saturdays, I have more respect for you than I could ever articulate into words; please take my rambling for what it is.

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